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German PremiereFrance 2022Language:EnglishDirector:Vincent Prado, Alice GuilhamonCinematographer:Vincent PradoEditor:Antoine Laviolle, Vincent Daudeij, Clotilde BourguignatMusic:MYMASound:Hiventy 17Producer:Bernard de La VillardièreProduction Company:Ligne de FrontDistributor:Java Films58 min, Colour

Probably no other country in the world has already been affected by climate change as much as Bangladesh: regular floods, loss of land and climate refugees who fall back from self-employed small-scale farming to the level of day labourers. This film shows all this, but it also shows the burgeoning hope in the country through education, micro-credit and the new middle class that is emerging as a result. Destructive transformation and signs of how change can happen - this is the kind of film our Green Horizons series was made for! With this documentary, journalists Vincent Prado and Alice Guilhamon present an impressively researched debut - methodically clean, up close and personal.

Director's Biography:Alice Guilhamon works as an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker in Paris. Studied journalism at the Université Paris-Sorbonne, the journalism school Sciences Po and Columbia University.