(orig. FURIA)

  • FURYJulia Siuda
    Julia Siuda

Poland 2021Language:No DialogueDirector:Julia SiudaWriter:Julia SiudaEditor:Julia SiudaMusic:Kaja SzwarnógSound:Jacek FeliksProduction Company:Animated Film Studio, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine ArtsDistributor:KFF Sales & Promotion5 min, Colour

The film deals with the problem of growing anger, frustration and aggression that seeks an outlet.The heroine of the film is a person who loses control of her anger. Losing herself in emotions, she cannot stand the tension. The animation shows suppressed anger and imaginary physical violence. It refers to commonly formulated thoughts or intentions: my blood is flooding ... my nerves are choking, I will tear him to shreds .... I am about to kill someone .... etc.
An important element reflecting the character of the animation is frugal but expressive plasticity that uses organic dense lines and appropriately expressive color. Natural sounds (like broken bones and injured body parts) enhance the naturalistic message of emotions.