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Germany 2022Language:German, ChineseDirector:Wenxiang Zhu37 min, Colour

The concrete idea for the realisation developed over a longer period of time in the past years. Even before I started shooting, I had some concrete images already in my head, maybe the images came from dreams or just from feelings in certain moments, but I started drawing some storyboards. In them I combine fragments of different words or ideas or realities to some of my dreams and some poems or ideas together. In this way, the images represent my state at a particular moment. I wondered if it is possible to combine a video installation and painting, and how such a combination affects the method of representation and the content of expression? In today's digital age and the internet, how close are the experimental connections between paintings and theatre stages and performances? How conditional is a performance art image (not only as a documentary form) on the methods of recording using current technology?