Green Horizons

The selected documentaries offer a broad overview of the current discourse on sustainability. As usual, our focus is on solutions, creativity and motivation. In competition for the GREEN HORIZONS AWARD, we are showing HOLY SHIT (recycling of human excrement), REWILD (reintroduction of wild animals), DAS KOMBINAT (solidarity agriculture), DEEP RISING (deep-sea mining) and UNTIL THE LAST DROP (saving rivers). Out of competition, we will show MATTER OUT OF PLACE by Nikolaus Geyrhalter on the subject of civilisational legacies. There will also be a discussion panel on sustainable urban development and architecture with the title BUILDING VISIONS, introduced by two short documentaries of the same name. The Green Horizons Award, worth €2,500, is sponsored by AGIMUS, ALBA Braunschweig, HOFFMANN Maschinen- und Apparatebau and oeding print.