Heimspiel Preis (former: "Die Goldenen Vier Linden")

2020: RIVALE von Marcus Lenz

Jury Statement

It was not an easy decision but, in the end, the jury decided unanimously to award the prize to the film drama RIVAL. In particular, the almost magical authenticity of the actresses and actors, brought out by director Marcus Lenz, convinced the jury.

With great skill, the filmmaker explores pressing political themes via a family drama told from the – carefully crafted – perspective of a Ukrainian boy who follows his illegally working mother to Germany. The film captures the audience with its unorthodox, at times provocative imagery. In a unique way, the filmmaker succeeds to use the landscape of Lower Saxony as powerful setting for his film.

Special mention goes to 18-year old director Victor Gütay with his independent film IN MY SHADOW (MEIN SCHATTEN ÜBER MIR). Gütay is an astonishing all-round talent: His multi-facetted and insightful film in which he acted as director, producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, editor, and composer, is a truly remarkable debut. With their special mention, the jury members encourage Gütay to continue his path as filmmaker.